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One Minute Wwise | Using the Wwise Launcher

Quick introduction to using the Wwise Launcher. No commercials, no lengthy introductions - get "wwiser" in exactly 1 minute.

To get Wwise, you need the Wwise Launcher, so let's talk about it. 
Start by getting it from the website. The Wwise Launcher is the place to go for anything related to your Wwise Projects. Here, you can...
- Open your Wwise Projects. 
- Download newer versions. 
- Get access to Wwise Resources.
- Report a bug. 
- and if you're using Wwise in Unity or Unreal, there's even separate tabs for that. 
Okay, let's start fresh and download Wwise from the Wwise tab. Then create a new project and return to the Wwise Launcher. There it is! Now let's say we've got this Unreal project needing Wwise. For this, you need the Wwise SDK, which you can get here. You can now click integrate and pick our new Wwise Project. 
That's it!

* Get the Wwise Launcher:
* Installation Guide & Documentation:
* Wwise 301 Installation Guide:
* More detailed video about the Wwise Launcher:
* Questions about the Wwise Launcher:

0:00 Introduction
0:05 Downloading
0:09 Rundown of tabs
0:27 Create Wwise Project
0:40 Integrating Wwise