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One Minute Wwise | Playable Audio without the Wwise Project

How to separate your Wwise project from your game repository, while maintaining playable audio. No commercials, no lengthy introductions - get "wwiser" in less than a minute. 

Let's talk about how to commit a Unity project using Wwise to git, without committing the Wwise project, so that all your coworkers need to download during development, is the SoundBanks and the integration hooks. Let's start by integrating Wwise. And hook up a sound in a scene. Great. Okay, let's move the Wwise project outside of the git folder. Now since your collaborators won't have the Wwise project to pull the SoundBanks from, we'll need to put the SoundBanks in the GeneratedSoundBanks folder in Unity. 
To commit this to git, we'll use Sourcetree. Pick the modified scene and the SoundBanks and commit it. Your coworkers can now pull and play with sound. That's it!

* Wwise Unity Integration:
* Wwise 301 Wwise Unity Integration course:
* Wwise & Source Control:
* Get Sourcetree:
* Questions:
* List of source control ignore files:

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Integrating Wwise 
0:16 Hook up a sound in a scene
0:22 Remove Wwise and add SoundBanks
0:34 Committing to git
0:45 Playing with sound