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One Minute Wwise | Driving Visuals from Volume Output

Add a Wwise Meter to a sound in Wwise and make it control the color of objects in Unity with just a few lines of code in a script. No commercials, no lengthy introductions - get "Wwiser" in about a minute. 

Just for practice, let's add some personality to this hammer, by adding the blacksmith dialogue to it, and change the color based on the output. To do this ...
1. We'll use a Wwise Meter, on the blacksmith dialogue, to drive an RTPC value...
2. ... then create a script that changes the color ... 
3. ... and assign the RTPC to it.  
So start in Wwise by selecting the associated bus of the blacksmith. Add a Wwise Meter to it. And as Output Parameter, create a new RTPC that goes from -48 to 0. Then Generate SoundBanks. 
Then in Unity, create a Material, add it to the hammer, and make a new script. In the script, create two properties - a reference to the material and a Wwise-type RTPC. Then in the Update function, we can materials color to blue and multiply it with the RTPC value you get from Wwise. Just keep in mind, that the RTPC value will be a negative number. So we'll need to shift it into positive numbers like this. And since the colors go from 0 to 1, let's scale it down and divide it by 48. 
Before we try it out, select the RTPC, reference the material from just below, and add the blacksmith dialogue. That's it!

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